Annual Emancipation Dinner

The 27th Annual Emancipation Day Dinner, hosted by National Action Cultural Committee on Saturday 8th August, 2009 was a social success.  There was a large participating clientele, and a warm friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  There were beautiful pan renditions by City Sun Valley Street Orchestra to assist in creating an appropriate ambience.

Even though earlier in the day saw inclement weather the organizers were off fairly on schedule.  Spiritual offerings were made by Geeta Vaahini – President Hindu Prachar Kendra, Bishop Earl Hypolite – of the Spiritual Baptist Faith, Oloye Orawale Oranfe of Ife – Chief Olakela Massetungi of Egbe Onisin Eledumare and Servant Ayeigoro Ome – for and on behalf of National Action Cultural Committee. There were lively performances by King Luta, Cindy Alleyne, Aaron Duncan, Ferdiand Smith and Mighty Chalkdust – Dr. Hollis Liverpool.

Among the guests in attendance were the High Commissioner of Nigeria to Trinidad & Tobago and his wife – their Excellencies Mrs & Mrs Musa Jenjen.

The feature address was delivered by Dr. Frances Adelade Fakoya.  Associate Professor of Histology & Cell Biology at St. Georges University Grenada.

Earl Knights and his Service Board along with Br. Nyahuma Obika, Dr. Phaedra Pierre and Servant Aiyegoro Ome, kept the event flowing and well coordinated.

Special thanks I think is deserving for Earl Knights and His Service Band.

Special accolades to Chief Servant Makandal Daaga and family who were in attendance and also demonstrating their commitment to make the event a success.

I think the entire organizing committee including the Kumasi Catering Staff should be commended.

Oloye Orawale Oranfe


One response to “ANNOUNCEMENTS

  1. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

    Greetings to the national Hindu community they continue the celebration of Divali. As the Hindu community meditates and reflects upon the dispelling of ignorance and the awakening of light and intelligence within I pray that the benefits of this enlightenment will help bring aabout the conditions that would allow for inter racial peace and harmony in our land. I praz that just as the mythological king of old was able to have his son restored to life by Divine intervention that our own youths .of this Nation would be given a new lease on life sothat our entire Nation would be blessed with wealth and prosperity

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