Current news indicates that HAITI has been struck by an earthquake and that human life is at risk.

The news also suggest that there is an expectation of tsunami type weather effects.

As Caribbean citenzens we need to immediately mobolise our resources and respond to HAITI’S need for assistance.

Orisa devotee’s here is an opportunity to unite and support some thing that is not self promoting or selfish.


Orisa devotee’s with any ideas as to how we as a community should and can respond should contact Oloye Orawale Oranfe at: Orawale@yahoo.com.

We await your response.


2 responses to “HAITI NEEDS US NOW.

  1. I am sure there will be food donations, that’s a start. But there need to be reputable agencies taking funds and such. These need to be identified. Possibly Gayelle can do a telethon. TSTT could also use the same text method as they used with the little girl who needd the operation to raise money quickly.

  2. Haiti am sorry! EOE members lets start this food, clothes anything, Haiti is we people

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