The editorial Team at EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE take this opportunity in the midst of the on-going campaign for suport for HAITI to say THANKS! to the millions of people all over the world from all cultures,spiritual and religious systems who have allowed compassion and JUSTICE to move their souls and social conciousness and so afforded all of us the opportunity of right aand appropiate action in this situation.May Divine Benevolence be showered upon all of us.A verse of IFA says that it is select HUMAN BEINGS who are going to favourably alter the unstable conditions on EARTH. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!



  1. Eniola Orisagbemi Adelekan

    Haiti, may your sacrifice not be in vain.

    If the blood that was shed and the lives lost (from Toussaint to the present) are not enough to stimulate the need to WAKE UP and question the validity of the very System that we live in, then their sacrifice may have been in vain.

    Haiti is the broken bloody Fist of those Africans who were brought into slavery, who first successfully fought for self determination against those who would deny it and their corrupt Worldview…
    yet many of US, the thus freed Children of Haiti’s fight, embrace this corrupt System and reject our own Worldview.

    I pray that we seize this opportunity to not only heal our Fists by aiding the relief effort, but also to heal the rest of the Body, Mind and Soul of the Survivors of Slavery and to finish what Toussaint and others started. May we stand together to determine for ourselves our own direction and once again re-embrace the good of our Ancestors’ legacy…
    re-embrace the good of Ourselves.

    As people of the world, our ultimate destiny is not separate. Africa is only a Parent Civilization of the world’s cultures, and many and varied are its beautiful Children. All over the Earth, the surviving Elder Indigenous Gatekeepers of the planet await the re-birth of the Way of Life that they once knew and shared, till some of the Children (in their immaturity) threw the Elders out of their seats and sacrificed their Way on the altar of world domination. The time has come to right this wrong and restore the balance that once was in The Time Before . Let each member of the Family take their rightful place in our Global Village.

    Let Mother be respected as Mother.
    Let Father be respected as Father.
    Let Children respect the Elders
    Let Elders guide and protect the Children
    Let Brothers and Sisters live together in harmony.
    May the Divine Structure of the Human Family be restored and
    May there be Peace in our Home… Mother Earth.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Adupe lopolopo!” O Thou who art in thine egg
      Who shinest in thy Disk
      and risest in thy HORIZON
      And dost shine like GOLD above the sky
      like unto whom there is none amongst the gods
      who sailest over the pillarsof SHU
      who givest blasts of fire from thy mouth
      who makest the TWO LANDS bright with Thy Radiance
      Deliver us all from the night of the burning of the damned.”
      The time of the transformation is now. Many of us have been and are still impatient as we await the hour of reckoning.” Suuru ni baba iwa pele.”
      It is with the patience of OGUN, Yes OGUN that we shall eventually witness the DAY that we all agreed that we shall be here on this Earth to witness.
      You have been excellent in performing your tasks; that does not mean that there were not moments when all actions were not rounded but the time of HARVEST is at HAND. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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