Once again is Carnival time and like several times in the past the oppressive powers that be seek to use the focus of the population on Carnival activities to procceed with their immoral,unethical and in some cases illegal advances of their positions on our population.

Currrently news is that Alutrin is attempting to continue advancing the constuction of  silos even though the legality of their actions is still in question. News coming to hand says that residents of Sobo Village are being given some type of letter to sign.

We strongly recommend that villagers function as a united body in this matter and that fellow citizens throughout the country rally to the support of the people of the immediately affected area. The truth is that we are all affected by this irresponsible move by whomsoever and whatsoever is currently sanctioning and initiating these actions.

May all civil minded  persons in our country rally once again to this cause. Thanks to all those persons who responded in the fore of the movement to ensure that the rights and health of our citizens are protected and that our environment is protected for future generations.


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