After more than thirty years residents of Diego Martin could breathe a small breath of relief.

It has taken a ‘caring government’ more than thirty years to create and construct a side walk between Emery  Street and where TTPOST has an oulet in New Yalta Lots on Diego Martin Main Road.

The pavement by the estimation of this writer is of sub-standard quality and appears to be being constructed by trainees of some program.

However we say thanks and breathe a small sigh of relief and hope that care and maintainence would afford us some measure of use of this paved footpath.


4 responses to “HOORAY!

  1. This caring govenment continue to feed us crumbs and expect us to be greatful. The San Jaun/Laventille Regonal Corp. is now creating a very dangerous situation, that they are calling road constrution, in Lenore Lane, Belmont. Well I will not eat crumbs and be greatfull. Is it because Mr. Manning has put the councillors on alert of the up coming Local Election? I will keep the visitors to this site updated on this.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Adupe lopolopo! Thank you for allowing us to provide this medium where your social concerns may be aired.Verses of Ifa tells us that social conditions are lacking and incomplete and advices us that select human beings can alter,engineer, and re-engineer our conditions until the state designated improvement has arrived. Positive improvement is on it’s way to your community. You have taken the first action. Get other users of cyberspace in your community to visit this site abd express their concerns and opinions on this and other matters affecting them and your community.Proaction and organization has become necessary if we are to receive the benefits that are due us as citizens of this land. Once again thanks for affording us the opportunity to be of service in your community. Ire Isegun o! Oloye Orawale Oranfe

    It is challenging as the governments that we place in positions of power are not working WITH us. It is also even more so challenging that the reality is we have to WORK with these governments during their term of good service.

    Piarco, Oropune Village has been built up to capacity it appears now. The volatile situation of small roomed apartments and houses designed to depress and oppress our peoples , ensure their continued dependence that surely will be passed on for generations more .. continues in full bloom. Not a playground, football field, basketball court, sport activity facilities, park or recreational relief seem to be part of the plan. The level of crime amongst the youth in the area is now HIGH. And so the cycle continues. And so we continue the cycles. Are these housing programmes for the people .. really?

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Once again thanks for your visit and comment.First, I would like to assure you that people do have power and can therefore articulate and formulate change and transformation in our communities through affirmative action.Several of our past leaders have emphasied the need for organization. Is your community organized against these oppressive conditions? Are there any social groups, NGO’s that have the ear and support of the community?If so then these organizations can become the mouthpiece of the people.But there is need for more than mouthpiece response and action to this oppression.Are the people themselves willing to take affirmative action and engage the perpetrators of this oppresssion until change and transformation becomes manifest? I pray that your community, our communities see the need for organization, and that the leadership that these organizations provide will help direct and positively channel the energies and concerns of our communities and produce positive change. I hope that this response points to a way.Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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