Boxing coach Babatola Onafowokan a.k.a. Rawleson Dopewell is harmonizing and making comfortable adjustment to his current routine where he is on a training course in Santo Domingo. Babatola is comfortable in his environment and is optimistic that the training will result in positive growth for himself and the beneficiaries of the imparting of his skills and knowledge. Babatola emphasises the need for discipline and respect in addition to physical capability in the boxing arena and environment. Babatola also sends his love and greetings to his boxing community, to all responsible for arrangements for his scholarship and hopes to do the entire nation proud. He takes the opportunity to greet all members of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE and wishes us all success at ASE ODUN OLOKUN 2010.


One response to “BABATOLA DOING WELL

  1. The administration and members of E.O.E. continue to send all positive Ire and Ase to Babatola, may his life quest be fulfilled.

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