Recent tragedy in Chile has turned the world’s eyes and attention to it’s most deserved need for compassion,support and attention as Chile experiences it’s own trauma akin to the trauma of the people of Haiti.

This site urges all to continue to exercise the care and caution in selecting donor agencies so as to minimise fraud,theft,scam and inappropiate application of funds and items generously donated by caring humanity.

It is our opinion that government representation of the affected nation and communities should always be an intergral component of all relief and reconstruction efforts on behalf of the victims of these recent disasters.

In a world where there is increasing tendency by some governments to monopolise all intervening actions so as to ensure the dominance of their world view and in some instances to implement their political and economic views and systems; is a dangerous incursion on the roghts and freedoms of human beings on this planet. Love is not an imprisoning quality.Those who respond to the pain and suffering of others especially in disaster situations such as these should ensure that the profit motive and advantage of the insecurity of the victims is not exploited in the interest of the donor country or organization.

Here in the Caribbean,there seems to be a paucity of information as to what actions that Caribbean governments and nations are taking with regards to their collective responsibilities to Haiti as a member of the region.

Even the O.A.S. seems to be either silent or dormant.

Right here in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago Parliamentary action and debate seem to give more attention  to legalising the lawlessness of some of the elected leaders of our land.

This site calls upon all civic minded individuals and organizations to continue to remain focused and ensure that the will and voices ofthe people of Haiti is not pushed under the rubble of another eartquake or disaster in any other part of the world.

All things and situations are interconnected and inter-related.

Let us ensure that the government and people of Haiti be given the right to determine the design/re-design of their country. This must not be done in isolation of the  regional situation and at the expense of the interruption of the economy of the region. Issues of practical regional integration should be considered and factored into the re-building processes that are being undertaken currently and will continue to take place as the rehabilitation process continues.

Caribbean and regional governments must be given the right to impact upon this development that will in turn impact upon them; just as some nations require and demand the right to determine who should utilise atomic and nuclear technologies and for what purposes these technologies should be utilised for.

All countries,nations and global and regional jnstitutions and organizations that cannot respect these rights that they demand for themselves should humbly withdraw and abdicate thier self imposed position of moral watchdogs for others.

More than any nation in the West, the nation and people of Haiti has paid a high price for the opening of opportunity for democracy and democratic institutions to have developed in this region.

Some people have gone so far as to have linked the Haitian Revolution to ideals of egalitarianism,that were prevalent in France during the time of the Revolution.If these connections are true then even the European nations should be most proactive in the defence of the will of the Haitian people and their democratic ideals.

We would like to encourage all and sundry to respond to this article by leaving their comments to the contents of this article.

While we are opening ourselves to positive and constructive criticism we will not tolerate disrespsct of this site.

Thank you all for your positive actions in the midst of crisis being experienced by millions of people globally. May all who have sacrificed on behalf of those who suffer continue to be richly compensated here and now.May the glorious beings and ministers of light cognise your love in action and ensure that it prospers.


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