Once again the ties and links between Africa the Continent and Africa the Diaspora continue to remain open and active.
Just recently a few persons from Republic Trinidad & Tobago that included Chief Baba Mokun –  Araba of Eko ile Sango Osun MI l’Osa – Garth Nicholas ,Chief Alagba Erinfolami Aworeni and Awo Olaifa Aworeni returned from Yorubaland on the African continent from their spiritual mission, details of which are sparse to the editors of this site;and now Continental African Babalawo Somorin is here engaging in his responsibilities as Oluwo of Ile Osun/Obatala of Chuma Monka,Petit Valley.This augurs good for our tradition as we attempt to bridge the space between Continent and Diaspora.
The Provisional Administration and awon elegbeEGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE welcome Babalawo Somorin on his return responsibilities and we pray that his stay will add to the growth of sacred science pratice here in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.
E KABO! May you mission bring peace and growth and fulfillment to all concerned.May the spirits of the land grant you permission.And may the Elders of the land bless you.


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