In recent posts to this site we highlighted the growing intensity of traffic and links between Africa the Continent and Africa the Diaspora.Currently Babalawo Olatunji Somorin is in Republic Trinidad & Tobago where he has been condusting initiations into Ifa.The extent of this exercise has even involved devotees from neighbouring Venezuela.All this continues to augur well for relations between Continent and Diaspora.More journeys like this will even stregthen the call for direct air routes between Africa the Continent and the Caribbean.

At another level there have been recent visits by Ghanians to our shores seeking technical support and development in Ghana’s growing Oil Industry.We have learned that personnel in the oil sector of Trinidad & Tobago have been recently on the move to begin the links of technical advice and development of the oil sector in Ghana.

We pray that all these recent activities help in the South – to -South co-operation and trade that was recommended so long ago.

As our planet embraces the opportunity to reform, may justice for all prevail. May First World Nations enjoy the patrimony of their lands. May the gifts of the gods of our Ancestors permit us to share and enjoy the financial bleessings that in the past have accrued only to the benefit of the money investor.

May the co-operation between Africa and the Caribbean resound in success for both regions.


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