Babalawo Somorin, Oluwo of Ile Osun/Obatala of Chuma Monka Ave. ,Petit Valley,recently visited his members in Republic Trinidad & Tobago where he also conducted initiations into Ifa.

Babalawo Somorin had a full schedule where he conducted divinations and performed ebo related to the divinations.

Several local babalawo were able to gain from his experience.

Once again we thank Eledumare and orisa for creating opportunity for our sacredscience to advance.

We pray that these contacts will help raise the level of technical proficiency of our local babalawo and that honour and integrity would also prevail amidst the interrelationship between brother and sister from the Continent and the Diaspora.

On behalf of the receipients of Afikun we say Adupe!



  1. Aboru Aboye I am
    Osun Dare’
    Ile Ogunda Bede
    Ile Idi Otito L’agba Morenike Olomowewe
    here in support of your page.Congradulations to Oluwo Somorin. I welcome you to subcribe and leave comments on our new page dedicated to traditional IFA practice. This month we open topic about the attack on IFA practice in Miami,Florida, please read

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E kabo! Welcome and thanks for visiting our site and taking the time to leave your comment. Your visit is highly appreciated. We also appreciate your invitation to visit your page.May Eledumare,orisa,abasom,loa and all beneficient and benevolent beings assist us as we traverse this course through time and space. Adupe lopolopo! Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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