Members and well-wishers of Golden Fist Boxing Gym of Simeon Road,Petit Valley are today proud of their accomplishments.Very recently their coach and trainer Rawleson Dopewell a.k.a. Babatola Onafowokan returned from a coaches training course held in Santo Domingo.

Today, members of Golden Fist Boxing Gym of which Babatola is the coach will be receiving recognition for their skill,discipline and proficiency through three of their members.

Raheem Forde, Ryan Cummings, and Debbie Alleyne will all receive medals today.Raheem and Debbie will both receive Silver awards while Ryan will receive Gold.

Egbe Onisin Eledumare wish to congratulate these youngsters for their proficiency and discipline,and to also congratulate coach Babatola Onafowokan for his achievements.

May the Gym continue to grow in strength and proficiency and may they continue to produce top of the line athletes,sportsmen and sportswomen.


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