It is only 2010 and already the country is being sent into election mode by the ruling party the P.N.M

Many see this as an opportunity to express their discontent with the existing regime of Patrick Manning -currrent and incumbent Prime Minster of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

But is this the opportunity that it appears to be or is this another ruling arrangement between the present power brokers of our land to continue to fleece the citizens of our beloved Republic of the patrimony of our land?

Ever since our encounter with Europeans the inhabitants of Trinidad and Tobago have met with loss and disappointment.

For several years the Indigineous and First Nation Peoples of this geopolity have been making efforts to reclaim the patrimony of their Ancestors.They have interacted with more than one government and party and today their political status is still at the condition of colonised.

Look around in this country and see how many monuments have been erected in their honour. Very few. Usually persons being asked this question can only point to Hyarima

WHERE ARE THE NATIONAL MONUMENTS TO ENSLAVED AFRICANS THAT CONDUCTED WARS OF RESISTANCE  and so established the framework and ground work for the Independence Movement of this Nation?

Elections come and Elections go and very few African leaders in our midst demand the recognition of our contributions to the colour and rhythmn of this society.In fact many of us act grateful when token acts of recognition are made.

We are not peons and slaves, we are citizens of this Nation who continue to lay our lives down for the rights and freedom that we enjoy.

As we enter into another Election Campaign that is going to see $Millons being spent let us call for transperency of funds received by ‘donors’ to all political parties and individuals involved in this process.

We should not have to await vexation between party members for accussations to be made as to mis-use and abuse of monies received during,before or after Election Campaigns.

To the orisa community in Republic Trinidad & Tobago, when are we going to make ourselves heard as a Collective and as an independent interest in this geopolity?

As a matter of interest and concern are awon Babalawo of our Ifa sacred scienc tradition going to consult Ifa on our behalf to advice devootees as to the best path of political action to be taken?

The author of this article have on previous occassions requested that the awon Babalawo of the land consult Ifa on behalf of our community,These requests were in private and never got the pro-action of the awon Babalawo requested.Today I use this medium to make a public request for such a consultation.

In conclusion it is necessary to remind us that we do not have to re-invent the wheel.PREVIOUS POLITICAL EXPERIENCE HAVE INDICATED TO THIS NATION THE NEED FOR RACIAL AND WORKING CLAS S HARMONYAT THE ELECTION POLL .This unity must see all cassification of workers sharing the same Nationalistic view and vision of our Nation. It must bear in mind the shrinking of space between Nations in a region and this view must accomodate the need for Regional Integration,politically,economically and domestically.As our country enters this year’s Election mode may peace and non-violence be the order of the campaigning. Let no force be invoked to send our country into more violence than already exist.May intelligence and proper choice on behalf of the electorate prevail, and may the orisa community in Republic Trinidad & Tobago recognise that we have a political responsibility as well.


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