The incumbent Prime Minister of Republic Trinidad & Tobago through a press/media release have announced to the population of Republic Trinidad & Tobago the date for the upcoming General Elections. The date announced is 24th. May,2010.

From a news clip in the audio visual arena the author of this article heard the incumbent Prime Minister – Patrick Manning state that the day selected was of political/historical significance to Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

Noting the impending General Elections in the U.K. and the recent visit of the Queen of England to Republic Trinidad & Tobago one  wonders if the connection is not Empire Day. One hopes that all past links to the colonial past is not an arrangement to take our Nation and people back into another modern mode of colonialism.

Once again the author of this article continue to challenge the African sacred science community to become politically active and seek the best interest of our sacred science practice.

We reiterate that the quality of democracy is demonstrated by how those in governance respond to and treat with perceived minorities,and disposessed.

African sacred science practice in this country has been continuously disrespected by all and sundry. Any Party that seeks to win our support should have concrete plans as to how that party will move the orisa community from disposessed and disadvantaged to empowered and equal in the political,economic and social arrangements of our country.

I hope that all kpaale,ile and egbe of our sacred science practice would consider the far reaching implications of this Election and would organize effectively in our various communities to change our current position.

We need land, we need our own schools,we need respect for our priests and priestesses of our sacred science.We need respect from the conventional and Book religions that continue to call us infidel,idolators,pagans,devil worshippers,witches and define our spiritual practices in derogatory language and terms.

Once again we call on all political parties to desist from invoking violence in our land.  May all our devotees act with conscience and responsibility in ensuring that our vote is of value in this Election.



  1. My thoughts on this election, The Prime Minister has done the country an injustice by staging this great sham. Did he think the UNC would win if he had waited?

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