In what may be cosidered a sad moment ELDER and pioneer in Yoruba Ifa sacred science tradition and culture -Agba Akolejo Olufemi was ushered into the Grand Beyond yesterday by Chief Alagba Erinfolami Adelekan Aworeni and Agba Olusino Olufemi.

Agba Akolejo Olufemi was a founding member of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE,and itwas very sad and disturbing to many of us that we were uninformed of Agba Akolejo’ s passing.Even his niece Agba Pearl Jones received information of his death and burial rites mere hours befor the rites of interment were scheduled to take place.

Agba Akolejo we are very sorry!

We were however pleased to learn that comrades and family of ZIMBABWE COMPOUND, of EGBE ILOSIWAJU ILE ALKEBU-LAN, were present to participate and assist in your send off.

Adupe to Chief Alagba Erinfolami Aworeni and Agba Olusino Olufemi for representing the Ifa/Orisa community with such a powerful and beautiful send off.

Empathies to the remaining family of Agba Akolejo Olufemi. You had a family of whom you should have been proud and joined with him in triumph over the colonial and neo-colonial powers and forces that he successfully opposed in his lifetime.It is not to late to appreciate his contributions to the reclaiming of the African psyche and tradition and culture for our people locally and internationally.

Agba Akolejo Olufemi was born Robert Charles. When I got to knew him he was a tally clerk at the Port at Wrightson Road,Port of Spain.

Robbie as he was known among his then contemporaries was involved in his community of Belmont through the Colts football club.

Agba Akolejo was one of those persons selected by our Ancestors when the Black Power Revolution of 1970 released the power of our Ancestors into the social and spiritual atmosphere.

Agba Akolejo became involved with Baba Imo – John Micheal Broomes,another legendary Pan African Leader who led the Universal African Improvement Association.

Agba Akolejo stayed with Baba Imo for some time and then along with other members of U.A.I.A went on to found ZIMBABWE COMPOUND. Among some of the attendees at the funerary rites were former members of Zimbabwe Compound. Present were Mikre Akowe, Okello Dongo and Modibo Karamoko.

Zimbabwe Compound joined with several other Pan African/Garveyite Compounds to create the Afican Advancement Association which later became Egbe Ilosiwaju Ile Alkebu-lan.

It was at the time of activities with Egbe Ilosiwaju Ile Alkebu-lan that the entity that transformed to EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE became re-birthed on Earth at this time.

Agba Akolejo became the first Alaga of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE.

At this time Agba Akolejo a then unknown in the local orisa world began to visit camps,kpaale,and orisa houses all over the country,requesting the re-adoption of our Yoruba theology.Many devotees did not take him on. Many slighted him,but he persisted.

It was during that time that Orisa Ile Wa was formed.

Many were the contributions of Agba Akolejo Olufemi to African and Yoruba sacred science here in Republic Trinidad and Tobago and the administators of this site hope to write future articles to highlight his contributions to the development of African conciousness in our land.

In the meantime we ask those of you who knew Agba Akolejo and have comments you would like to share on his life to kindly do so through this site.



  1. I know Agba Akolejo.He was partly responsible for me becoming an Orisa devotee, as he, performed the Naming Ceremony of my first son Akins, through the invitation of my late husband – Efunsanya.

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