At an Ijuba that was filled with challenges as we continue to negotiate the space while construction is on-going,ORISA ati EEGUN smiled there blessings upon those participating and those to whom ire and Aase was directed.

Blessings were directed to several absent persons insluding Oloye Ojise Obatala Edena,Ile-Ife ati Olori Yemoo,Amosun Olaosebikan,Ifamukomi ‘Iya Oba’ Onafowokan,Amar Marshall,Malika Archer,Oloye Ogunrinola of Ife,Yeye Atuayese Olomitutu of Ido – Osun, Osogbo,Yeye Agbomoola of Osogbo,Chief Alagba Erinfolami Aworeni and others as we petitioned the Cosmos in prayer and sincerity to direct the nation away from violence as we engage our National Elections.

The commentaries were on Odu Edi Meji,particularly as it relates to political hostility in an environment and the need for fortification of self and interests in such a scenario.

Issues related to co-operation and stability were addressed.

The gathering also discussed recent transitions of Elders/Stalwarts of our community and the challenges some devotees face at their time of death and burial.

Focus and mention was also made of Agba Dambali – Elton Fitz Irvin Smith,for whom rites of transition to the Afterworld were conducted yesterday.

Chanting,drumming and dancing along with other victuals were offered to awon orisa ati eegun.

The Administration and presiding priest of Egbe Onisin Eledumare say thanks to those who attended and made the evening a success.



  1. I say ,blessings to everyone who continue to fight for the protection and propagation of our heritage and traditions,ase.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E kabo!You are welcome.Adupe lopolopo for your own contributions in your sector of this International Struggle for Equal Rights and JUSTICE.Our spirits need JUSTICE,our minds need JUSTICE, EVEN THE LEGAL SYSTEM ITSELF NEEDS justice.
      Could you fathom that after four hundred years of INJUSTICE,these are still issues for African people worldwide;even in territories and geopolities where we are a majority.
      It is time that we abandon the failing systems that we inherited from Europeans and Judeao-Christian-Arabic paradigms and re – adopt our own systems from which the European successfully modeled,but to serve his/her interest.
      LET US WELCOME VAUDUN,ORISA SACRED SCIENCE, DOGON SACRED SCIENCE.XHOSA SACRED SCIENCE,NETER AND NETERU LOA,AND ABASOM into our lives once again.Let the Ancient Traditions tha guided our forebears return to prominence on this planet once again.Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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