While the pace is quickening as the date for the National General Elections draw nearer contemporary political analysts have indicated that newly elected Political Leader of the U.N.C. Kamla Persad Bissesar is to be reckoned with particularly since she offers hope for a female Prime Minister of our twin island Republic.However alternative perspective analysts claim tha Winston Dookeran may be the key figure in this election as a result of the role he played as part of the 1990 Jamaat Al Muslimeen ‘Coup’

On many occassions Jamaat Al Muslimeen Leader Imam Yasin Abu Bakr have made claims that the Jamaat Al Muslimeen were key to changing the pivotal and marginal votes in more than one Election.

While there is no prima facie evedince to support this claim actions by politicians over the years have led some members of the Nation to believe that Jamaat Al Muslimeen Leader Imam Yasin Abu Bakr does have some kind of National and International influence on the outcome of National Elections in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

Recent rumors perpetrated by Patrick Manning on P.N.M. platforms have suggested that there is a personal deal between COP leader Winston Dookeran and Kamla Persad Bissesar that would accord Winston Dookeran the office of President of the Republic Trnidad & Tobago.While this claim is again without prima facie eveidence,the population of Trinidad & Tobago recalls that these were the allegations that were made when the N.A.R and U.N.C. were about to form a coalition and have an accord. It was reputed that the deal was for former Leader of the N.A.R.  to become the President of the Republic Trinidad & Tobago and gain self independence for Tobago.

Situations and scenarios close to those’rumors’ came to pass. Can our country afford to ignore these speculations and rumors? The Nation has reaped the consequences of failing to take seriously the feelings of persons on the ground;and while we welcome change in our country,we hope that the change that would be afforded us is of our own making.

There may be several views that may appear on this site that may not take the normal course and channel that conventional journalism and reporting follow; but we feel that in the interest of democracy some of these views should be given expression and consideration.

At the most recent Ijuba of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE,the sacred Odu Ifa Edi permutated.The Spiritual Leaders of the compound interpreted this Odu Ifa in the context of political hostility and the need to fortify oneself. Another issue in this Odu Ifa is that of communication issues or lack of communication. Issues of dumbness also highlight themselves in this Odu Ifa.

Old people say forewarned is forearmed.Let the wise take appropiate action.

Once again may our Nation move towards positive social and political change in an atmosphere of tolerance,unity, love and harmony.


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