In what continues to be an attempt to hoodwink the popoulace of Trinidad and Tobago P.N.M. Political Leader and Prime Minister of the Republic Of Trinidad and Tobago engaged C.E.P.E.P. workers promising increases in the stipends granted them .I say stipends because I refuse to believe that the meagre sums offered C.E.P.E.P. can be considered just and fair wages for the work out put of C.E.P.E.P. workers.

While it is commendable that a Prime Minister could relate to the concerns of the C.E.P.E.P. workers and be even willing to have a meeting with this sector of the labour force of our country,one wonders why it was not a close door meeting likethe one held with members of the Syrian/Lebanese community recently held in the new commercial capital of the business community,where media and public alike had to await the outcome of the meeting.Is it that the meeting was about campaign funds for the P.N.M.?

In this day of electronic communication and campaigning all political parties contesting this year’s General Elections should be accounting through multi – media their accounts and receipts of monies fo managing and running their Elections campaigns.

Instead, all the parties ,give us a set of bacchanal politics and expect to control the National purse without accountability to the people.

Religious and Spiritual Leaders in the country in the meantime keep their mouths shut and make no contributions to the debates and discussion of issues in this year’s campaign.

Is it that religious leaders feel that politics is out of their league?

Do not religious and spiritual leaders owe their followers some advice on matters that would affect their spiritual and religious obligations?

Recently the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago attempted to justify the price increase of alcholic beverages and spirits on moral grounds.Do not Ifa/orisa devotees in Trinidad and Tobago need to use some of these alcoholic beverages and spirits on a daily basis in service to orisa?

Once again we pray that the progressive potential of this country is what will be given consideration as we move to elect a new government to manage the affairs of the people in the interest of the people.


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