The rounds of annual orisa feasts have begun in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

On SUNDAY 9th. MAY,2010 omo orisa BERTRAM BAKER a.k.a Skatey will be hosting his annual feast to SANGO.

The Feast was scheduled to be held last month but in respect to the passing of his mother Mother Monica Baker,omo orisa Bertram re – scheduled his annual Feast, so that he could have been involved in the transitionary rites and rites of mourning for his Mother.

Mother Monica Baker transited the physical body recently and hundreds of  orisa devotees locally and internationally paid their respects to Mother Monica Baker.

The administration of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE and of this site wish omo orisa Bertram Baker all success in conducting his upcoming Feast.

May orisa ati eegun bless him with courage.

May orisa ati eegun bless him with long life and good health.

May orisa ati eegun allow the proceedings to be conducted in joy and peace without untoward events and disruptions.

May all beneficient and benevolent beings grant him their blessings.

May his offerings be accepted.


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