At a political meeting of the  U.N.C.O.P./”PEOPLES’ COALITION” young Nicole Dyer made an impressive showing.

The meeting featured the women of the “coalition” and the crowd turnout was appreciable and had a fairly diverse cross section of the community in attendance.

There seemed to be an adequate police turn out and there was no major glitch in the evening’s proceedings.

There were fine presentations by all candidates at the head table .The speakers were of  varying ages and  backgrounds.

Among the presenters were Verna St. Rose Greaves,Anna Maria Mora,Nicole Dyer Griffith,and Political Leader of the U.N.C. – Kamla Persad Bissessar.

Candidates all had their own signature tune tha announced them before they addressed their audience.

All emphasised the need for proactive women’s involvement in the political process.Anna Maria Mora highlighted the plight of young children of school age, who as a result of a transforming economy, where there is no social arrangement set in place to care for unattended young persons , have to fend for themselves.They are not met by parents when they arrive at home.They have to serve themselves meals and manage their own after school activities until parents who have been struggling to make ends meet arrive at home.Ms. Mora suggested that community care centers could be put in place to assist these young persons and help in home work assignments.Ms.Mora also pointed out that our young need to feel a sense of love and caring towards them. She further suggested that adults could not approach the solution to this need with fear.There was a call to return our communities and Nation to a safe and secure social environment.Persons needed recreation and entertainment in a fear free atmosphere.Ms Mora alluded to the uncertainty of the status of the Treasury and suggested that the care and homework centers could be maintained through community assisted funding.

Ms.Dyer Griffith,responded to the needs of residents that voiced their concerns in her meet the people tours.She made reference to the status of the now Existing “Pension Grant” and noted that it would take it’s appropiate status  under” The People’s Accommadation” government.She spoke about the need to ensure a more relevant and all inclusive educational curriculum that would give respect to the various cultures of Trinidad & Tobago.

Other speakers emphasised that like a few short year’s ago when the current government was intend to remove some residents of Diego Martin from the communities they created and built that now was a time of struggle.The audience were asked if the were once again ready to battle as they did before.

The Political Leader of the U.N.C. in her address to the audience addressed issues of Keith Rowley’s dilemma as he advances on the Elections campaign trail as it relates to apparent differences with the Political Leader of the P.N.M. – Patrick Agustus Manning.She called upon Mr. Rowley to declare his position.

Ms. Persad Bissessar also made reference to the endorsement of the efforts at Unity by former President of the Republic Trinidad & Tobago -Arthur Napoleon Robinson.

On her arrival to the meeting Ms. Persad Bissessar was presented with a document from the Coalition of N.G.O.’s for support of women candidates in this upcoming Elections.Ms. Persad Bissessar gave assurances that her Party would take the 10 point agenda into consideration.

The nights entertainment was clean and of high standard.The Original De Fausto Himself being given encore.Ember and others were also excellent in their performances.

The author of this article did not observe cussing,fighting,drunkenness or any untoward behaviour,and observed only one person being escorted out of the meeting by thepolice.

The police themselves executed theirduties with professionalism and were thanked by the C.O.P. candidate Ms. Nicole Dyer Griffith when she welcomed all to Diego Martin Central.

The Meeting was held in the grounds of the Diego Martin Central Community Center.

In concluding the author of this article wishes to thank the organizers of the meeting for the disciplined conduct of it’s members and hope that all future meetings of all Parties will be  untoward incident free and free of violence.

May all citizens of Trinidad & Tobago remember that after the election of the new government that we all have to work together as one.

As a site representing constituents that are orisa devotees we are keen to hear and learn how all Parties would treat with the decendants of the enslaved Africans who have maintained their right to worship God in the tradition of their forebears.What incentive if any do any of the Parties hold out to the orisa community to aasist in the reduction and eradication of crime in our country? What measures shall be put in place to level the social,economic and spiritual ‘”playing field” so that orisa devotees can be partners in our Nation’s rebuilding?



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