The annual ebo hosted by omo orisa Bertram ‘Skatey ‘ Baker was off to a clean start.

The rituals for the Ancestors as  practiced by local practioners were conducted.Items of votive offering were made to the Eegun.

This was followed by tribute to Esu,and opening rituals as practiced in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

Iwure ati adura ati korin ati oriki were delivered,combining the handed down tradition, but also incorporating returned paradigms of engagement with orisa.

Among the participants present were Oloye Orawale Oranfe Jakuta/Sango of Ife who made his ritual contribution.

After the ceremonial feeding of the corners and opening of the doorways ceremonial planting of  Ada Ogun took place.

The drumming and singing was lively and the young drummers must be complemented.

The orisa came down and fulfilled their responsibilties to human beings present and to the community.It should be noted that this is the Laventille/Morvant community and no disorder of any sort was observed nor manifested in the place of celebration.The entire community seemed at peace.

After a happy and envigorating period of chanting and clapping accompanying the dancing of devotees and the orisa ,time elapsed and it was already time for an early offering.

Again all ritual procedures were observed and the approval of orisa sought and confirmed by dida obi permutations.The devotees and awon elebo proceeded to ojubo Ogun where offering of ewure,akuko adie,oti, epo pupa, epo olive,and other victuals were offered to Ogun.The immolation was clean. Ebo daa! Ebo fin. Ebo ru! Ebo daa!

The after period following the ebo was spent in social fraternising and communal sharing of  morsels of food.

We pray that the ongoing activities will meet with the favour of all orisa and benevolent and beneficient beings.



  1. Its great to let my fellow Brothers and Sisters know that on the Shrine of the great Ancestoral Baba Mathew Delliong, Ebo to the orishas will begin on the 16th. November,2010. Baba Henry White and the Grand and Great Grand Children of Baba Mathew will conduct the proceedings. The Shrine is located at #28 Satar Street Aranguez. .
    Please note Ebo will begin 10.00 p.m sharp.

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