Republic Trinidad & Tobago is racing quickly towards Elections Day – MAY 24,2010. As we do so it seems that all the politicians have found themselves another gimmick. They have opened themselves facebook accounts attempting to hoodwink the population into believing that they desire to be more readily and easily accessible.However,my constant search and actual posting of comments on many of their pages has resulted in response from only two politicians by way of a direct response/reply to postings or messages sent via their facebook pages and accounts.One would have thought that the developed Nation status that we invoke would have resulted in a cadre of young persons manning and managing these pages and accounts on behalf of the busy politicians.This would expose the young persons to the pulse of the Nation and give them a genuine sense of the concerns of the citizenry of Republic Trinidad & Tobago. It should have also provided some of them with employment from their Party’s election budget. However,it seems that the Campaign Managers and stragetists would rather trust the established media,many of whom are supported by big business and leave the youths pocket empty.

Additionally,the failure to acknowledge the communications from the citizenry,the one’s who are expected to vote for you, shows the contempt with which you hold us. I guess there are too many more important issues like the safety of self and person and so candidates have no time to address the comments on their facebook pages.So yes we have moved away from ” rum and roti” politics and have jumped forward to technological mamaguy.

When will our politicians ever change and recognise that stewardship of the country’s affairs is a sacred obligation.

As the days pass by we continue to implore all to desist from cowardly acts of violence and intimidation.The Leader of the P.N.M. on a public platform said that several years ago he shied away from violence as a medium of change in the political arena. I hope that the Party faithful share the same sentiment expressed,and that all parties would ensure that this National General Election is violent free.

May Supreme Being/Intelligence guide our Nation.


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