Once again the editor – in – chief of this site is responding to situations in our beloved Republic Trinidad & Tobago as the Nation moves closer to Elections Day.

The editor – in – chief has viewed with concern the attitude of many Trinbagonians of African origin/descent with regards to their response to the right of Trinidadians of Indian origin/descent to the corridors of power and governance in this land of ours.

This author remembers the United States Presidential Elections where the current President of the United States America – President Barrack Hussein Obama, was then in the Presidential race as a candidate. The eyes of the world were focused on the outcome of that Election.Many persons in Republic Trinidad &Tobago thought it wrong that a society to which African Americans had contributed to building should deny African Americans their right to the corridors of governance and power.

There were many racist reactions by some throughout United States of America. There were local media interviews conducted in Republic Trinidad & Tobago where persons interviewed including Trinbagonians of Indian origin/descent  supported the right of Barrack Hussein Obama to the highest office in the American system and government.I felt proud to be a Trinbagonian in the manifestation of our concern for fair play and justice.

I remember further. I was a youth going to school in the  secondary system.There was a United Nations publication called “Objective Justice “,in which the white citizens of South Africa and the then Rhodesia were criticized for eliminating African citizens from involvement in the democratic process on the basis of their race. Discussing this with my student friends,we formed an organization to take action against apartheid.

So I have been accustomed to thinking that part of the Trinbagonian mentality is just and not racist.

The February Revolution of 1970, did not help to dispel this faith in our fair play and justice. As a student in the 1970’s I too joined with many young people as we engaged the concept of African and Indian unity in a cosmopolitan/multiethnic Trinidad &Tobago.

Then came the Elections where U.N.C.was a strong contending force in the General Elections and through expressing the opinion I am now expressing lost some of my friends of long standing.

I was/am even surprised that when I asked highly educated young persons their opinion on this issue of the RIGHT of the Indian population to hold political power in this country that there response was not objective and impartial but was governed solely by racial considerations.

Africans in this country could you imagine that YOU were ruled over by Indians for the past forty ( 40 ) years and the sentiment in the country as you aspire to the heights of power that you were not entitled to governance simply because YOU ARE OF AFRICAN origin?

There are so many people who claim to be adherents of multiplicity of religious views that encourage human beings to be fair and just to each other and this is not manifesting in the political arena.

As we have just a few days to the Elections Day may the spirit of TRUTH,honesty and fair play and equal opportunity for all allow itself to be manifested in our country. Let all citizens consider not only Today, but the not too distant future ahead.Putting off what is inevitable and what is just may even create problems that could be avoided by addressing intelligently the current challenge. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED.

May we proceed in peace as we move towards the Elections.


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