Oloye Orawale Oranfe at a recent ritual at E.O.E.

About one year ago, I received from a member of the local orisa community  a note  entitled : “CHAOTIC NODES “.

The general essence of the message was that our planet was at the cusp of  a ” Chaotic Node “,which the article indicated would see several sociological and environmental changes over the next ten ( 10 ) years.

As an African sacred scientist, I was impressed by the scientific  presentation of the data and the interpretation and explanation of its relevance to human beings on our planet.

It opened thus : Any energy system that shifts to higher or lower orders of coherency,passes through chaotic events in its journey to a new energy resting state. ”

It continued : ‘” chaotic nodes “are actually crests in quantum wave potential driven by the interaction of many energetic domains simultaneously. ”

The article then drew an analogy so that simple folk could follow the message.

As I sat in my veranda and contemplated the current General Elections I saw how valid that paper/message is to me and Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

The article suggests that there is increase friction as an energy level attempts to alter or is being altered,either from within or without.

Sometimes it results in change of state of matter.

It suggests that from an outsider position  things may appear chaotic.The reality however  is that this is an unescapable aspect of energy state physics.

So as our country is posited to make a quantum leap – forward or backward –  we can expect social,financial and political upheaval,unpredictability and some degree of “uncomfortableness ” until we enter the comfort zone of fluidity as a result of the transformation.

May our country walk in safety as we proceed to the Elections.



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