Today ,Saturday, will see the Caribbean community in New York City celebrating the Independence of Guyana at FORT GREENE SENIOR CITIZEN CENTER,located at 966 FULTON AVENUE.

As a Caribbean people we do not always grasp and embrace the opportunity to celebrate with each other, so it is good whenever we can come together to celebrate in love and Unity.

Baba Mpho who have been associated with us a long time now is very much active in this event.

May all the Ancestors gather as Guyana celebrates it’s Independence and the entire region reflect and take positive action to ensure powerful regional co-operation and political integration.

The Administrators of this site and EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE, continue to pray for the long life and prosperity of the Nation and people of Guyana.

May the FIRST NATION PEOPLES in Guyana be given their due respect and an opportunity to draw of the patrimony of their land.

May all the events, marking this momentous moment, all be successful.

Long live GUYANA! Long live Caribbean Unity!



  1. Peace and blessings to all,but most of all may you seek good health.Iwant to thank our people in Trinidad and Tobago,for going to the polls without any major disturbance,aseooooooo.Guyana’s 44th Independence Celebration at 966 Jazz a reknown Jazz sanctuary in the Republic of Brooklyn,had a full house ,that showed their appreciation for the Tradition,Heritage and Culture.Some of the people who shared the stage ,Sunday the 23rd May,are Professor Keith Proctor—Piano,Legendary Rector Schultz —Guitar,Mr Maxie Gouevia—Bass,Rashid Thorne—Trap set,Maurice Archibald— Pannist,Queen Mama Nyaah—Vocalist,Rev.Imani Parker—Poet,Jamica–Poet,Mr Harold Valle–Keeper of the Secrets.Junior Culture-Artiste,Jamal,Jamel,Saba,Ashe,Brother Roberts,Menes De Griot and other guest.Rev.Imani Parker stated ,the show was one of the best they had at 966.One of the highlights of the prgram was Mama Nyaah singing Summertime and Black Majic Woman.Odabo

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E kabo! Adupe lopolopo!Once again we give THANKS, for Caribbean integration and unity.May the people and government of Guyana continue to consolidate their gains, and may the Nation push forward towards excellence. Thanks to all who cleared the path for peace and success. Thanks to the First World and Indigenous citizens who have endured and need to be commended in their continued struggle for appropiate recognition and dignity as a people. May the government and people of Guyana grant them their deserved recognition and due.May the dream of a united Caribbean polity allow itself expression via the institutions that the independent governments facilitate and build in collaboration with neighbouring Caribbean territories.Long Live the people of Guyana. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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