While it is a bit premature ,the editors of this site think it befitting to say THANKS!, to all citizens of Republic Trinidad & Tobago that over the past weeks engaged the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS WITH SUCH ENTHUSIASM AND FIERCE LOYALTY,  to the Parties of their choice.

Yes! There was some mauvais lange, mud slinging,dishonesty,exaggerations,etc., but all in all the conduct of the citizens of our land can be said to be commendable.

As was/is evident, Trinidad & Tobago has it’s own distinct style of politics.

Use of the local cultural idioms were employed,Caribbean cultural elements ,outside of the Trinidad & Tobago expressive forms were employed, and the colour of a Carnival Parade was evident wherever there was a political meeting.

There was some, who thought that these modes were unappropiate, but we are a unique people with our own distinct way of engaging life in all it’s manifestations.

In fact, this author thinks that the distinct mode of elections campaigns that have been consistently manifesting itself the past elections gone is an indication of our maturity as a Nation. It is evidence that we no longer desire to be ‘ Mimic Men “, but that we are willing to carve our own signature in our political landscape.

So, we say thanks to all security personnell,all entertainers/musicians/calypsonians /performers,who added security and entertainment at all the events. Thanks to the stage managers, light technicians, sound technicians,campaign managers,ordinary members and executive members of the Parties involved.

Thanks to the Financiers, who most of the time remained invisible as the entire run of things took place.

Thanks to all local and international interests that have sometimes refreed behind the scences.

Thanks to the sanitation workers, and all other contributors to the smooth functioning of our National General Elections process including workers at PTSC, the Elections and Boundaries Commission,and all other institutions and agencies whose role and function it is to ensure the smooth running of the Electoral process.

May Supreme Being/Mother/Father God Almighty continue to keep and bless our Nation.



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