Letters and communications of concern and support for the Olori Awo of Republic Trinidad & Tobago – Agba Clarence Forde since our posting of the incident of fire that gutted the home of the Olori Awo, have been coming in to the Administrators of the site,

Orisa devotees are encouraged to support in whatever way they can to help resume the Olori Awo to a condition of comfort and restoration of his premises.

One hand alone does not clap. One hand alone cannot wash itself.These are ways in which our Elders tried to emphasize co-operation and concern for our fellow human beings.

Though unfortunate the incident left us with much to be thankful for.

Agba Forde though experiencing difficulties to move about on his feet comfotably, at the outbreak of the fire was able to manouvre himself to his chappelle where he engaged in prayer.

We thank Supreme Being/Mother /Father God Almighty for sparing his life.

Among the persons who have sent their messages of concern are Atayese ati Iya Atayese of Isese Agbaye Worldwide Community, Chief Aina Olomo,Yeye Agbamoola,Kabiyesi the Oloyo of  Oyotunji Village – Oba Adejuyigbe Adefunmi Keji.

For and on behalf of himself and family Oloye Orawale Oranfe – Oluto of Council of African Traditional Chiefs of Republic Trinidad and Tobago also directs his and his family’s prayers and concerns.

Otunba Atoodimu Caribbean Conference Region also extends concern for and on behalf of Kabiyesi! – Oba Isese Agbaye = Erinsinba kan to the family and person of Olori Awo -Agba Clarence Forde.

It is the hope of this site that the well wishes will materialise into real and physical support as well.

The Administrators of this site thank all who have shown and our demonstrated their concern thus far.



  1. Atayese Babalorisa Adeloni

    Lets give thankst to Eledumare for the sparing of the life of our Olori Awo of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I know Orunmila knows why and the outcome of it all. Lets come together as one and help build this Tradition Ire oooooooooo

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      A seyi Samodun o ! Aase! Once again welcome to our site. It is good of you to visit and comment.Thanks for your recommendation.We continue to advocate pro – action in response to the situation. Our situation locally does not always allow for rapid and effective response in a timely manner. Since the fire this site has suggested support and received many intents of support both local and international. I am not only speaking here of financial support as important as finance is to this situation. However, our culture here takes into consideration the right and first preference of family members in the life of our Elders/ Leaders ,even where they are recognised as National/ International Leaders. One just have to recall the funerary arrangements and rites fot Yeye Gbogbo – Iyalorisa Melvina Rodney to comprehend what I am alluding to.
      Thus far, I have been laising with Otun Iyalode , Awo Agbaye – Chief Valerie Stephenson Lee Chee ( Amoye )who acts for and on behalf of Olori Awo of Republic Trinidad & Tobago – Agba Clarence Forde. She reported that she was advised to await an official fire report before initiating action for support. I will keep members to this site updated as I get information.
      In the interim I suggest that those having telephone numbers for Olori Awo of Republic Trinida & Tobago can CALL IN TO GIVE WORDS OF COMFORT AND SUPPORT. As orisa devotees we can continue to petition orisa for and on his behalf on this restoration matter.
      Once again thanks and may you visit and share on this site.Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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