We are less than twenty four hours away from the Election Day.There was a vibrant and competitive Elections campaign conducted by all Parties involved.Each Party used their own style and format of  campaigning. There were many calls for transparency and accountabilty of the public purse. Today, I desire to, and call upon ALL Political Parties to account to the citizenry of this land as to the amounts of money spent directly and indirectly on this political campaign trail.

My observation of the amount of prime time paid political broadcasts by the Peoples Platform and the Peoples National Movement seems to suggest that $millions were utilised via that one media. There are other areas of expenditure that the public does not normally focus on including T-shirt distribution,that I am curious as to how much actual money was spent by each Party.ALSO OF IMPORTANCE TO THE PUBLIC IS THE SOURCE OF THIS MONEY.


Finally,the law suggests that there should not be campaigning or persuading of the opinions of the voter witin a proscribed perimeter of the polling station. As I write this article it is evident that this regulation is being ignored. In my community posters from the Peoples Partnership and the Peoples National Movement are still posted outside places designated as polling stations.

I pray that campaign managers would ensure that their Party faithfuls observe the law and remove the posters.

Once again peace and safety to all citizens in our land as we engage the electoral process.


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