Congratulations one and all.While the final count and official pronouncement of the General Elections result has not yet been declared by the relevant authorities, the administrators of this site think it fit that we should congratulate ourselves as a Nation for the manner in which we conducted ourselves during the Elections.

The Administrators of this site recognise the courageous effort of the people of our Nation as we once again exercised our right of choice to a government that we desire. While the current stucture of governance has many limitations, we all have an opportunity to engage that process an negotiate a new path.This is not as easily accomplished as is stated here particularly when there is a battle for European/Asiatic hegemony on the world arena .This external battle for world dominance/hegemony and political influence and power impacts directly on our own path and freedom of choice as we chart a new direction.

Particularly, we commend and salute all young people who though disappointed in the Electoral process exercised there franchise,resulting in a significant difference.

We pray that now that the people have received their desire that they recognise that responsibility does not end there.It is now the responsibility of the population to remain politically organized and to continue to register their concerns on the incoming government.

Genuine political change will not come overnight.If we desire freedom we must be willing and able to work for it.

May every creed,race,class and sector of our society now put our shoulder to the wheels,and may we take our Nation forward in a manner that would benefit future generations.

While we focus on the future we must also reward the present.

Once again congratulations to all,and may the light of a new dawn guide us to victory.


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