Residents of Simeon Road, PetitValley through the initiative of some of it’s young people are currently on the streets with activity geared at re – grouping our community.The youths chose as their action a clean – up of the environment of the Youth Center which is still under reconstruction.

Villagers from different political persuasions P.N.M , N.N.V. Peoples Platform are all out their in an attempt to resuscitate  the Village Council.

Past Village Councils attempted to fulfill the role expected of it but apathy stepped in and the Village Council went into dormancy.

An attempt is now being made to resuscitate it and EGBE  ONISIN  ELEDUMARE, an African Spiritual organization in the community suppotrs this effort to return a sense of community responsibility to our community.

Thanks is due to Elders like  Selwyn  “Eager ”  Myers, Reynold  ” Sangolari ” Diamond, ” Itchie ” , ” Brownie ” for maintaing life in and around the Center and standing when others became disillusioned.

The initiators of today’s program  intend to follow up today’s activity with a meeting of the community on :


Location:  Simeon Road Youth/Community Center Courts

Time : 6.00 p.m.

The meeting is intended to nominate candidates to hold portfolios in the resuscitated Village Council.

The organizing  committee has identified nine ( 9 ) posts for nominations.

They are :

President , Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary,Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Ttustees ( 2 ), Public Relations  Officer and Assistant Public Relations Officer.

There are many hopes and aspirations to be met and we hope that the community considers well it’s mission before embarking on course.

Once again we pray for civic responsibility to materialise and trust that we can succeed in  working together as a community.



  1. babatola onafowokhan

    This is a great move for this community, one that I wish had come before. My support to the youths who make it possible. I hope they stay focused.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      A seyi Samodun o! Greetings and thanks for your support in keeping our community safe. The move could only augur well for our community, and I too pray for their success and longevity in this effort. May we all be blessed. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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