Homage and respects to Eledumare!

To the 401 orisa.

Welcome and salutations to OSE OBARA , that incarnated at Ile – Ife, and will send it’s emissaries all across the globe in service in this new ritual Ifa Year.

Several year’s now following the return of orisa devotees from Ile – Ife, that were part of the historic and ground breaking ” Sacred Journey to Ile – Ife ” hosted by EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE, orisa devotees in Republic Trinidad & Tobago have been setting up and keeping vigil here in T & T, to harmonise and synchronise with Elders and devotees in Ile – Ife at the time of  Odun  Ifa  Agbaye.

From what was just a handful of devotees, following the instructions of the Elders of Ile – Ife ,  has grown a new tradition in Republic Trinidad & Tobago of several orisa devotees from different centres of orisa practice in settig up and awaiting the ODU of the year.

We at EGBE  ONISIN  ELEDUMARE, rejoice with all in this practice.

We particular bring into veneration and recall the memory of Oloye Adeyela Adelekan who facilitated awon elegbe EGBE   ONISIN  ELEDUMARE, in our first ” Sacred Journey to Ile- Ife  “.

Wow! , it was tough;  but today I am sure many of us look back with fond memories of those tough  and challenging times and situations.My sincere love and respects to all of you who made it happen and who had to be patient with the ferocity of my character. I pray that we have all been rewarded. THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN.

Last night some gathered as individuals, and some gatherd as small collectives. There was global correspondence as we all awaited eagerly the arrival of  QSE  OBARA.

IT WAS MORE THAN A YEAR SINCE I HAD SPOKEN TO BABALAWO OLODU, AWO MERINDILOGUN. CHIEF Aluko  Adedoja – Akala Obatala of Ife by telephone. When I telephoned him at 7.30 p.m. local time, as he answered the telephone to converse with me there was a peal of THUNDER and LIGHTENING in Florida from where he was answering. We spoke and Chief Aluko  promised to keep me informed as soon as he got the information and he did. ADUPE LOPLOPO for the cooperation.

There was communication between myself and YeyeAyetuase Olomi Tutu of Ido Osun, Osogbo and her husband Oloye Ogunrinola of Ife,

There was communication  between myself and Otun Iyalode Awo Agbaye, Chief Valerie Stephenson Lee Chee, who also promised to keep us updated and she did.

There was communication between myself and Babalawo Ifasola Shaka Taylor of New Jersey, U. S.A.

There was link between Babalawo Ifasola Menes De Griot of New York as we all eagerly shared in the Odun Ifa Agbaye.

I am pleased.

Several fora including Obara Otua Forum have already began posting information on the ODU of the year. Avail youselves to all such information. Strengthen your resolve to do good as we progress with the guidance and blessings of OSE OBARA.

IRE!  IRE!  IRE OOO!  Aase!



  1. A verse or if says “Little by little we will eat the head of the rat”
    When I saw and heard the communications taking place all around the world as Ose Obara incarnated for Orisa Devotees, I know that we are reclaiming our place in spiritual awareness in this “Market Place” Ase Ase Ase

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