Members of the orisa community of Republic Trinidad & Tobago were in attendance at the Annual General Meeting of the Inter – Religious Organization of Trinidad & Tobago.

The meeting was held yesterday afternoon, at the Trinidad Muslim League Inc. Headquarters, Eastern Main Road, St. Joseph.

The meeting had a fair turn out but the author of this article feels that the look may have been deceptive since many persons who sat at the meeting were not members of the I.R.O. but were invited as the author of this article was to attend the meeting.

The expectations of this author was that it was an Annual General Meeting where officers for the coming term of Administation of the body would be elected.

This was not the case.

Noticiably absent were key figure of the Roman Catholic religion. In fact,one key person who has donated a lot of her time to  assisting the current I.R. O.  administration with organizing several of their recent events  was the only person of the Roman Catholic Church known to the author present.

The meeting was opened by renditions of prayer by the participating denominations.

There were members of the Spititual Baptist community, Orisa community, Hindu, Roman Catholic, Muslim ,Anglican and perhaps other communities present.

This was followed by a welcome from the host  to the meeting who was represented by the Vice President of the T.M.L. Inc. who wished success in the deliberations and who reminded all present of the role of the Muslim community in keeping alive the I.R.O. . He also noted that as Muslims they did not interpret God as Father , and he indicated that another designation of God would be more in harmony and acceptance by Muslim participants of the I.R.O..

This was followed by the rendition of  QUASCEDA IN URDI.

Br. Noble Khan Treasurer of the I.R.O. then gave a Treasurer’s Report. In this report Br. Khan noted that TT$ 90,000.00 was paid to the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business for the creation of a FIVE YEAR STATEGIC PLAN – 2010 – 2015.

He futher outlined expenditures in hosting other events throughout  the financial year in review.

A Secretary’s Report was presented by Br. Harrypersad Maharaj who presented this report since the originally elected Secretary Rev. Valerie Hackshaw was not active during the term of office.The report gave  account of the major activities of the year of the I.R.O.

This was followed by the Feature Speaker Dr. Kerry Sumesar – Rai, who began his talk with get persons present to get up and face Cardinal directions and roll their wrists before returning to sit to take in his presentation.

Dr Sumesar – Rai promised to be controversial in his presentation. He suggested what he thought were areas of focus that the I.R.O. needed to concentrate on.He also  suggested that the I.R.O. was not well known  throughout Trinidad & Tobago especially by the youths involved in criminal activity. He urged the I.R. O. to be more effective in their actions particularly against crime. He also suggested that their may be a need for the I.R.O. to be more politically inclined since he believed that everything is governed by politics.At the end of his presentation he was given a lusty round of applause and a token of appreciation was presented to him by the I.R.O. .

During the course of the meeting,at the end of reports the President -Pundit Bramdeo Maharaj who served as Chairperson invited adoption of the Reports. This was done, but there was no discussions nor questions or corrections made to any of these Reports. The meeting was not invited too discuss any of these matters.

Another meeting where officers will be elected was announced for the 28th. June. 2010 at Claxton Bay beginning at 3.00p.m.

There was a vote of Thanks delivered by Pundit Latchmidath Maharaj. This was followed by the singing of Let there be Peace on Earth.

The meeting came to an official close.

The Administrators of this site as ” observer ”  think that the I.R.O.  as a body that should engender equality and moral and ethical principles need to step up its profile and actions to achieve this aim. We pray that the forthcoming Elections would give opportunity yo the minority and still socially despised religious and spiritual groups and organizations an opportunity to lead and to pro actively participate in the transformative phase of our country’s history.

May growth and development come for the I.R.O.


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