At a rather small turnout of supporters and interested parties gathered at the  Lions Civic Centre,North Wrightson Road, Port – of – Spain, Republic Trinidad and Tobago , this year’s EMANCIPATION 2010 activities were launched by the EMANCIPATION SUPPORT COMMITTEE.

The event has as a prelude the viewing of images of EMANCIPATION DAY 2009.

The organization of personnel to assist seemed intact.The decoration and layout was commendable especially where the environment needed to be transformed to create the appropriate atmosphere. Salutes to the decorating team

There were several Dignitaries present.Members of the Diplomatic Corps included the Ambassador of Cuba – H.E. Hubert  Rivero Rosario, H.E. Malay Mishra – High Commissioner of India to Republic Trinidad & Tobago, Charge  d’ Affaires for Republic of South Africa – Mr. O.R. Setlhapelo, the Ambassador for Costa Rica to the Republic Trinidad & Tobago  – H.E. Ricardo Thompson Thompson, H.E. the High Commissioner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – H.E. Musa John Jen .

The Oluto of the Council of Afrikan Chiefs Oloye Orawale Oranfe and Iyun Olokun of Ife – Chief Pat EbunOluwa Oluwole were also present at the launch.

The event opened with  the singing of the National Anthem led by Gerard Emmanuel Rodriguez.

There was a ritual libation conducted by Elder Equino Moyo assisted by Der One Piankhi that called on our Ancestors those near and far to assist and attend in this year’s celebrations.

Welcome remarks were made by Agba Tracey Wilson – Director of Education of the Emancipation Support Committee.

A calypso rendition by Lady Paula that encouraged young African women to be proud of themselves and to see their natural beauty went well with the audience.

The High Commissioner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria H.E. Musa John Jen ,then brought greetings from the Continent of Africa and from the Federal Republic of Nigeria.During his presentation, he acknowledged a former Minister of Energy in a previous P.N.M.government  Eric Williams who have been performing as an Energy consultant in the Federal Republic of Nigeria andH.E. was thankful for his contributions to the people and Nation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This was followed by a poetic presentation by Agba Lasana Kwesi who recounted some events of the 1970 Black Power Uprising/Revolution. In particular he recalled the days when the leadership was imprisoned and the leadership of the NJAC was then his direct responsiblity. Accompanied by live drum and by musical rendition of Peter Tosh’s ” Equal Rights and Justice ” Agba Lasana rendered one of his most loved poems -POEM OF REBELLION.

The Honourable Minister in the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism – Winston  ‘ Gypsy”  Peters then delivered his address before formally declaring the EMANCIPATION 2010 OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED.

This was followed by the sweet performance of Picton Folk Performers.

Pearl Eintou Springer,the Director of Culture for EMANCIPATION SUPPORT COMMITTEE,then introduced the Feature Speaker for the opening of the Kwame Ture Memorial Lecture Series – Monsieur Toussaint Hillaire .While doing the introduction  Eintou interspersed her introduction with snippets ofFrech as she sought to communicate directly via French with Monsieur Toussaint.

Monsieur Toussaint represents the Aristide Foundation for Democracy, and gave a most informative presentation on the on going and recent challenges of the Nation and people of Haiti.Monsieur Toussaint made his presentation in French but was ably assisted by afellow member of the ARISTIDE FOUNDATION FOR DEMOCRACY,that provided transalation as Monsieur Toussaint spoke.

The evenings event cae to conclusion with a vote of thanks delivered by Hazel Simoette Herdon of Emancipation Support Committee.

Announcements for upcoming activities were made and the audience was invited to a celebratory sharing of refreshments.

We trust that we would make our Ancestors proud as we take affirmative action in our lives to better or social,spiritual and economic conditions as a component people in the Republic Trinidad & Tobago.



  1. Adupe for the info, I was unable to attend

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