The administrators of this site wish to thank all persons who supported the family of Chief ANISEERE SANGO of Ife – Agba Jeffrey Biddeau during this time of family transformation,reconstitution and assuming of new responsibilities.

Yesterday, several persons turned out to pay their parting tributes and respects to Chief Aniseere  Sango  of Ife – Agba Jeffrey Biddeau at rites of Isinku  that were conducted on the compound of Egbe Onisin Ile Omo Orisa Ojubo Sango , at Minors Trace, Matura, Ile – Iere, Republic Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean.

At least three contemporary shrines were in visible attendance as evidenced by the turnout of their members at this ritual.

These shrines included Eko Ile Sango Osun Mi L’osa , Kenny Cyrus Alkebu – lan Ijuba and Egbe Onisin Eledumare.

Messages of condolences and tributes were delivered for and on behalf of Kenny Cyrus Alkebu – lan Ijuba , and Egbe Onisin Eledumare.  Awise Agba Olusino – Fred Mitchel a.k.a. Mighty Composer also delivered condolences and tribute.

The Council of Afrikan Traditional Chiefs were represented at these  rituals by Oloye Orawale Oranfe – Head of the Council and  Iyalode Awo Agbaye , Chief Ifakorede Oyayemi – Joan Cyrus, and Chief Alagba Erinfolami – Akapo of the Council.

A few members of the local/ original orisa community of Ile – Iere, Republic Trinidad & Tobago were present.

Babalawo Olatunji Somorin  of Ogun State, Nigeria was the chief celebrant and ritual leader of this aspect of the Isinku. He was assisted by Babalawo Atimumu of Ile Osum / Obatala of Chuma Monka Avenue, Petit Valley, Ile – Iere, Republic Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean.

Olatunji Jaja led the drummers accompanying the rituals and he was ably supported by colleagues from his work community.

After the rituals at the compound, the body was taken to Sangre Grande where there was another tribute performed in drum,song and dance to the outgoing Chief. The energies were high.

Chief ANISEERE SANGO was next taken to the community of his early culturing and upbringing – LAVENTILLE. Here again drum ,song and dance were the tribute language.

The body then began it’s descent from the hills of Laventille to the foot hills  at the  West End  Cemetery where he was finally interred.

At the Cemetery more of the local/ original orisa community were present. Among those present were Elder/ Babalorisa Henry White and Leader Gerry .

Also present were stalwarts to the 1970 Revolution  – Khafra Kambon – Emancipation Support Committee, Dedan Granger.

Hassan Olanipekun and his wife Funke Olanipekun were present from Matura to the cemetery and Iya re Funke gave some traditional Yoruba praises to Chief ANISEERE SANGO of Ife, and recounted how Chief ANISEERE SANGO, had communicated with her on the astral plane before his bodily departure.

George ” Umballa ” Joseph , was also present to pay his respects.

Members of Ile Isokan also turned out at the cemetery to pay their parting respects.

Once again THANKS  to all who made this event successful.

Awo Ifaseun – Avery Amon and family, Studio 66 and all others who gave selflessly when the administrators of this site were not around but stood and served the family with genuine love and concern. I may not know all of you by name, but THANKS!

Pan Trinbago also had it’s representation through Keith Diaz a member of  Chief ANISEERE SANGO’s community and Richard Forteau.

If you brought well water -THANKS

If you ran an errand – THANKS

If you fulfilled any responsibilty – THANKS

If you contributed spiritually – THANKS

If you contributed financially – THANKS

In whatever way you may have contributed we say THANKS.

All Chiefs should contact Oloye Orawale Oranfe before the next important ritual.


5 responses to “ADUPE LOPOLOPO!

  1. Shernice *member*

    yes! this was a very difficult moment for us,shrine members, in fact the entire country! Baba,was an amazing person, very loving! I admired him alot. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family Iya Matron,Jeffery Peter,Obawole and Wynneth. May his remarkable soul rest in perfect peace!

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Greetings! Thank you Shernice for taking time to visit our site and for showing your appreciation to Chief ANISEERE SANGO of Ife – Agba Jeffrey Biddeau. Chief ANISEERE SANGO and the Biddeau/ Beddoe family have been major contributors to our country’s rich cultural heritage. We at this site pray that allrituals to ensure his installation as an Eegun would be completed and again we pledge our support to members of his family. May orisa ati eeegun comfort you and all shrine members. May his efforts at presenting an African original perspective through Ifa be appreciated and skillfully and wisely utilised by those to whom he attempted to give a direction. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

  2. My few times interacting with the Chief were rewarding. My children did not want to miss an opportunity to meet and greet.
    The pictures from the Isinku tell a powerful story. I would love to share.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E kabo! What blessings your children have experienced in their lifetime. While many persons complain about the attitude of young persons , your own youths and family have been impacted by many great souls that are on the EARTH at this moment.
      They have also through your support and encouragement have already taken responsible steps in African and Yoruba sacred science. They have made history in the reclamation of our heritage and culture, at different locations and through the vehicle of different organizations.May their own ori support and bless them.
      Oloye Orawale Oranfe

  3. ifadivination1

    1st of it kind. check it out on itunes Àbọrú àbọyè àbọṣíṣẹ

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