The Trinidad & Tobago Women’s under 17 team were rewarded with a well deserved win in today’s football fixture of the FIFA Women’s Under 17 football tournament currently taking place in Ile – Iere, Republic Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean.

The Trinidad & Tobago team played hard,determined,and exhibited good self esteem and confidence. They ran hard and showed that they were fit ,although some players went under with cramps.

The goal keeping was excellent  and the backs played a successful defence game.

The weak point seemed in my eyes to be our throws. We were unable to utilise these opportunities as successfully as they should have been.There was good team interaction and the passing was good.

The teams left the field at half time at 1 – 0 in favour of Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

Second half saw Trinidad & Tobago increase that lead to 2- 0.

Chile was able to receive a goal from a free kick awarded them, in which the Trinidad & Tobago goal keep didn’t seem to anticipate the power of the ball.

Congratulations to the entire team that includes technical staff, trainers ,coaches ,physical therapists and trainers and all other support staff and personnel.

May our ” girls ” maintain the high level of discipline and enthusiasm that they demonstrated this evening.

May they grow in strength and confidence and reap continued success.



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