Once again another year has rolled by and Africans and people of all origins give thanks for spared life  and benefits received in their lives as they engaged life’s opportunities and challenges.

Members of Ile Osun / Obatala for the past few years have celebrated Kwaanza and this year they celebrate on Wednesday 29th, December, 2010 beginning at 6.00 p.m.

Presentations by various speakers will be made on NGUZO SABA.

Kwaanza is an attempt by Africans in the Diaspora to afford ourselves positive opportunity to reflect on our selves, and the principles required for us to address some of our current challenges.

Kwaanza was developed by Agba Maulana Karenga of US and has served our community positively inassisting in the redirection of our African awareness and consciousness.

In Ile – Iere – Republic Trinidad& Tobago Kwaanza was introduced to our local community by Egbe Ilosiwaju Ile Alkebu – lan, whose members functioned through several Compounds in North and South Trinidad & Tobago.

One of the Compounds was located at Majuba Cross Road, Petit Valley . That Compound was called UJAAMA VILLAGE. The members of that Compound were highly active then in their community and boosted the awareness of Africans in the community of the role of Africans in the development of World culture and civilization.

At the time Egbe Ilosiwaju Ile Alkebu – lan functioned mainly as a Pan African cultural organization. Among it’s founding members and early leaders were SHAKA AGAJA , MIKRE AKOWE .OWUSU KOJO, KAWME BANDELE, AKOLEJO OLUFEMI and others. Many of the members eventually went on to become initiated into various arms of African Traditionaal Religion.

It is therefore heartening to see the growth and development of alternative modes of celebrating year’s end than some of those we traditionally /customarily grew up with in the Caribbean.

Many Pan Africanists have adopted Kwaanza as their main celebratory Festival.

May this year’s KWAANZA activities bring rich rewards to hosts and participants.




  1. It’s good that Kwaanza is growing in T&T, I wish Ile Osun/Obatala all success.

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