Marvelous! Wondrous! These are two simple words that can describe the sighting of the second new moon for EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE’s Ritual Year 32.

Year 32 marks the thirty second year of leadership of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE by Oloye Orawale Oranfe as the Spiritual Leader of the organization.

The organization has been in existence in this incarnation for forty years.

It was led first by Agba Akolejo Olufemi ,who has since joined the Ancestors.

The weather today was very overcast ,but the persistent prayer and incantations by Oloye Orawale OranfeĀ  seemed to get the support of the heavenly powers , the veil parted and the moon showed itself enough for the salutation ritual to the moon to be conducted.

May we all have a productive moon and may we accomplish the goals we set ourselves to be accomplished in this moon.

Awon elegbe EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE kindly REMEMBER our annual General Membership Meeting on Sun 15th. Jan., 2011 , at our International Headquarters.


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