President Museveni in Republic Trinidad & Tobago

President Museveni of UGANDA

African organizations in Ile – Iere – Republic Trinidad & Tobago got together at the Secretariat of Emancipation Support Committee to discus and plan areas and activities  in which they can collaborate and cooperate as Africans in Republic Trinidad & Tobago initiate activities to coincide with United Nations decision to proclaim gregorian calendar year 2011 : ”  International Year for People of African Descent ”

Organizations present affirmed that they should utilise this proclamation affirmatively and create opportunities to educate our general public on African issues current and historical and take concrete action during this year to begin projects of a long term nature that would have some degree of permanence in our social landscape.

The delegates present prepared for tomorrow morning’s launch of International Year for People of African Descent at Trinidad Hilton Hotel

Delegates at today’s meeting looked briefly at several issues that needs to be focused on by all organizations representing our interests in this year. Links were made to the repair , rebuilding and restructing of Haitian society in a manner that is dignifying of the people of HAITI, minus the current disrespect of African Traditional Religion and culture, particularly Vaudun.

The meeting also considered the promotion of Trade Missions from the African Continent that have been visiting and are currently visiting Republic TRINIDAD & TOBAGO , especially as evidence of the ability of Africans locally and internationally to be successful entrepreneurs.

During the course of the deliberations respect were paid to the First Nation Peoples in our midst for their generosity and hospitality to all other inhabitants of Trinidad & Tobago.

Respect was also paid to the Dangbe Comme  – Rada Community of Belmont on the passing of one of their senior priestess – Agba Gloria Baptiste. The meeting wished the community continued strength and continuity and hoped that during this year some tangible and real action would be taken to honour  Daaga who led the St. Joseph Rebellion.

Currently all the organizations are planning events and it was hoped that PANAFEST and Fiesta del Caribe  would feature as Festivals that our government will ensure that the African presence and community here is well represented.

The organizations present represented African Traditional Religion, Tertiary Educational interests and CULTURE/ARTS.

This site encourages your comments on how you think we may best utilise this focus to realistically empower ourselves and community.



  1. valerie tecla john-skinner

    Give thanks for the declaration of 2011 as International Year for the Afrikan. It seems to me that it was without consultation. The mind of the Afrikan is better served in ‘Year of the Afrikan in the Diaspora’. It appeals and claims a UNITY OF THE AFRIKAN OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENT. It is neither uplifting nor positive in giving the names ‘Afrikans in Descent’ . With a shrug we shake off responsibility.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Greetings Valerie! E kabo ! Welcome to this space where your right to intellectual engagement and free expression of your opinions are encouraged .
      Actually it was through the persistence of African Nations ten years ago that this International Year for People of African Descent was birthed and manifested. I intend to publish more information on this matter soon.
      So to those intellectuals , scholars and African Nations and Institutions that promoted the need for reflection and redress of some of the issues that will be focused on in this year of recognition we give thanks.
      So rather than shrug off responsibility either create e relevant platform for addressing the issues you know to be of paramount importance to us or find creative ways to harmoniously utilise and or join existing platforms to introduce the issues you think are of paramount importance to us as a global people.
      There is no challenge that is to great for us to address as we move towards total and unconditional liberation. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

  2. valerie tecla john-skinner

    Thanks for the response. I am aware now through a radio interview that on Feb 19th a Trade and Commerce Chamber will be started between Nigeria and Trinidad. Since 2007, Pres Yoweri Museveni encouraged us to open trade with Uganda and I have tried to engage it.
    Pls let us know where and at what time this activity will take place. All strength and powers with the year.

    Sister Vallerie Tecla

  3. valerie tecla john-skinner

    The Nigerian High COmmission said they are going to make the items known to me before the date, then I can say!

  4. valerie tecla john-skinner

    Report: Seemed like we gate-crashed a meeting that we were not supposed to be at!
    No activists! No thanks for any groundork? The makings of another institution.
    The drive is to capture the market of urban Nigeria, the gateway to Afrika, everyone is welcome, some well attuned, and we are to be ‘as good as or better than’.
    Costs annually in USD, 500 750 and 1,000 Will send on g mail next day!

  5. This is an invitation to the African Methodist Episcopal Church’s Concert at Daaga Auditorium, UWI St Augustine on Saturday November 5, 2011 at 6 p.m. featuring the National Steel Symphony Orchestra and UWI Arts Chorale.This concert is by invitation only and anyone interested can contact us at the AME Church, 18-20 Woodford Street, Newtown or call 628-9377 or 799-5412 or 774-7476 or 302-9895. There is no charge for the concert but goodwill contributions will be accepted.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E Kabo ! Welcome and thanks for your visit to our site. Thanks also for the invitation and do keep up the good works. May the event meet with success. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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