Ijuba marking and celebrating the 3rd moon from the celebration of ODUN IJESU will be held on Sunday 13th. February , 2011. This  has been through concensus and consultation with human beings and divinity so as to facilitate members of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE supporting and attending Oloye Ogunrinola and Ile Isokan in celebration of his Ancestors  and his birth and incarnation in tthis lifetime on our Earth.

The Administrators of this site wish Oloye Ogunrinola of  Ife  – Ogunbowale Alupaida – Lester Osouna , Yeye Atayese Olomitutu of Ido Osun, Osogbo –  Korenza Osouna and the Ile Isokan Family all success in their Festival. May the Festival continue to grow in strength and importance in our national calendar of orisa events, celebrations and activities  here in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.


One response to “IJUBA FOR 3RD. MOON

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