The new moon marking the fourth moon for Odun 34 was sighted on Carnival Monday, by at least four members at three different locations. Ijuba will be held at our International Headquartes – Caribbean, Simeon Road , Petit Valley. The beginning time is 2.00p.m
All items of offering for orisa and eegun are welcome.
Visitors and members are adviced to dress appropriately .


2 responses to “IJUBA FOR OSU 4 ODUN 34

  1. Baba the Member of the Children’s Band ‘Faces of Orisa and Egun’ saw the new moon just as we finished crossing the stage at Tamarind Square on Sunday evening. The timing was perfect and the presentation concluded a worthwhile effort.
    From as far back as ‘1001 White Devils’ to ‘401 meets 2001’, Orisa people in mas continues. The seeds that were planted continues to grow and blossom.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E kabo! Modupe ! It augurs well for us all the siting of the Moon by the Band ” Faces of Osun ” . I am continuously joyous and I have vision of where it is possible to go.
      I continue to try.
      Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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