31st. Fiesta del Caribe is being hosted in Santiago de Cuba , July 3 – July 9 , 2011. Republic Trinidad & Tobago is the country of honour.
Many Trinbagonians are interested ,but as yet we see no promotions of the event by our State via the media, particularly promotions emanating from the State.
We revel in visitng ” Great Britian ” , meeting with Commonwealth Nations, but seem afraid to be loud in favour of our Caribbean and Latin American and Spanish speaking neighbours..
Are we still in America’s backyard ?
Is the U.S. A. shaping our foreign policies and dictating our friendships ? I believe not.
One of the few recognised international Trotskyites is a member of the People’s Partnership. Has he gone soft ? I pray not. Yhose who championed the cause of African and Indian Unity in this land are on the Peoples’ Partnership government. Do they have a significant voice ? I hope they do.
Will the gains of the working class and African and Indian workers in this country be erased where persons who were influenced by C.L.R. James, Che Guevarra, Chairman Mao Tse Dung , Frantz Fanon, Walter Rodney and others sit in the corridors of power.


One response to “CUBA HERE WE COME

  1. Junaid Al Jameel

    The fact that every other country is attending Cuba’s Fiesta del Caribe shows that language was never a problem, and exposes the T&T regime’s real attitude against Cuba. The excuse that the Minister of Health parrots to keep the Cuban doctors out of T&T is a lie. Is this T&T regime making T&T a USA puppet state?

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