As Head of the Council Afrikan Traditional Chiefs -Republic Trinidad and Tobago I offer my condolences to the family of OLORI AWO Trinidad & Tobago on his transition from his Earthly life and abode.
I pray that the rituals of send off will be in accord with his Traditional Status both here and in Alkebu – lan.
May the State Authorities treat him with similar respect payed to the recent departed ” Carib Queen ” .Oloye Orawale Oranfe



  1. Onile Ogboduora a gbe wa o o o. I give thank for the Rewarding Life of the departed Chief. Head of the Council Afrikan Traditional Chiefs ,Republic Trinidad and Tobago “OLORI AWO” May the journey to Orun be uninterrupted. Blessings to the Family,and Much Love. Continuing growth in Ifa. Ase o~
    Ijo Olorisa Parapo Agbaiye
    HRH IyaOlorisa Parapo Agbaiye

  2. Thank you for publicising Baba Forde’s passing. Kindly post funerary arrangements when you have them.

  3. Mo dupe lopo lopo in advance.

  4. Bifatife Adeseye PRO ICIR

    On behalf of International Council for Ifa Religion, the President, the Board of Trustee and the blessing of Araba Agbaye, I send the Ifa Council CONDOLENCE TO THE FAMILY OF Agba Awo Clarence Forde on his transition. As they miss his earthly company may they begin to enjoy divine protection. ASE! Dr Bifatife Adeseye.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Alaafia! Adupe lopolopo for visiting our site and expressing your condolences and appropriate greetings on this occassion of the passing and transition of OLORI AWO – Ojisobi Aworeni – Agba Clarence Forde . The community of Orisa/ Ifa devotees in Ile – Iere – Republic Trinidad & Tobago are highly appreciative of this kind and noble gesture as it not only serves to allow the bereaved family know that the life of Olori Awo was appreciated in our homeland – Africa , but that the contributions of Africans resident and domicile in the Diaspora are celebrated and appreciated by our continental domiciled and based family. Four hundred years of separation have not dissolved the family and spiritual links. I will convey this condolence to the family of the late Olori Awo – Ajisobi Aworeni.Once again Adupe e . Oloye Orawale Oranfe

  5. E ‘ ku ayanmo . Peace and blessings .

    Iyalosa Songonjoko Adeyemo

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Alaafia! E kabo! Much thanks Iyalosa Sangojoko for taking time to visit our site and to share in this moment with Orisa devotees in Trinidad & Tobago who are currently preparing to send our most and first Olori Awo of Republic Trinidad & Tobago recognised by Ooni Ife and Araba Agbaye of Ife. You kind felicitations are appropriate and welcome. May this medium bring us closer together as we embrace the opportunity to work together for total and unconditional liberation of our people.
      Oloye Orawale Oranfe

  6. Awogbemiga Bogunmbe

    Ogunda Yeku (Aiku) says:
    Orunmila lodi Ajalu faragada,
    Ifa ni Oro Ogunda aiku de,
    Orunmila ni eo ri olojo lale yi,
    Omo araiye ni Olojo kinni?
    Ifa ni Olojo Aje, Omo,Ire gbogbo ni
    Gbogbo omo araiye sare si won lawon fe koma bowa.
    Ifa ni won yio ri Olojo Iku,
    Awo omo araiye lawon kofe
    Orunmila ni eyin tie nfe aje, omo ati ire gbogbo
    o yeki e mope dandan ni Iku je.
    Orunmila lodi Ajalu faragada,
    Ifa said the story of Ogunda aiku has come,
    Orunmila said you re receiving an important visitors in the town
    the people said which visitor was that,
    Ifa says visitors of goodness of Wealth,Children and all goodness of life,
    People hustled/rushed themselve to welcome and received/grap it.
    Ifa said there will be visitors of death,
    People were astonished/surprised…what kind of bad visitors !!!
    Orunmila said you people are looking for all goodness of life,
    You surposed to know that death will definitely come to one day.
    On behahalf of Ogunda-Meji Temple Agbala-Ifa Ibadan, Nigeria. i send a condolence message to the family and members of Agba Clarence Forde who joined his Ancestors. Mayhis gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Ki Awo rere o jeni Morere. Ashe.

    Awogbemiga Bogunmbe
    Senior Priest/President

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