ASE ODUN SANGO 2011 being hosted by EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE in Ile – Iere – Republic Trinidad & Tobago draws near.
For several years now EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE has been struggling to gain social and political recognition of the Orisa devotees in our National Community through gaining social recognition via a bank and National holiday fo at least one spiritual event in the calendar of Orisa devotees in Ile – Iere – Republic Trinidad & Tobago.
Many other spiritualities and religions in our country – Ile Iere – Republic Trinidad & Tobago have more than one recognised bank holiday or national holiday.
The Roman Catholic community has over fifty such recognised holidays. Every Sunday – there preferred day of worship is a bank holiday , and in addition they have Easter , Christmas and others.
Hindus celebrate Divali and Moslems Eid ul Fitr.
We hope where every creed and race find and equal place that African Traditional Religion represented here primarily by Yoruba / Orisa / Orisha practice be afforded an opportunity to celebrate there spirituality through recognition of an appropriate day of spiritual significance in their calendar of spiritual festivities.
May all readers of this article appreciate the need for proaction in a society that pays no attention to the silent and non – vocal.
May you all give us your support in this year’s Festival especially as it is part of activities by us to commemorate and mark International Year for People of African Descent..
This year ASE ODUN SANGO 2011 will be twinned with Festival activities in OYOTUNJI VILLAGE,Sheldon , South Carolina .
Also Otun Iyalode – Valerie Stephenson Lee Chee will also be hosting her Sango Festival during this same period.
May all the Festivals find favour with orisa and beneficient and benevolent beings.


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