Last year – 2011 the world at large marked International Year for People of African Descent..
Africans globally seemed to have suffered more trials in this year of global and international recognition.
As we engage 2012 the struggles seem insurmountable
Egypt, Libya, Nigeria. and the then SUDAN had their political and social turmoil.
Leaders were dispossed and assasinated, governments were removed after many years of power and a new Nation SOUTH SUDAN was born.
What does this augur for us?
Are the dreams of the earlier Pan Africanists any more realisable?
The author of this note cannot yet draw a conclusion.
We acknowledge that change and transformation must occur as part of the growth and development process and we hope that the interest of the masses of our people will be considered of paramount importance by all those claiming to be champions of the poor and dispossessed .
We pray that as we move towards the 10th Anniversary of Panaf Fest., that globally we shall consider our options and take and make the choices and decisions that would serve our best long term interests.
May this note help us all to reflect on consequences as results of our choices and actions.


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