Alaafia! It remains ten days to ASE ODUN OLOKUN 2013 being hosted in Republic Trinidad & Tobago by EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE.
We are reminding all potential participants and well wishers to our Festival that we need your full committment to our event by 12 Noon on 2nd. October, 2013. This is to facilitate all proper arrangements for the success of our Festival.
May all of us be well prepared. May all of us be blessed. May all of us be well. May our prayers arrive in Orun. May we receive benefits and blessings on Aye. May we all live to ripe old ages.May we not become senile and feeble even in our old ages. Aase!
Thanks to brownsys1 for publishing the video attached to YouTube.
Thanks to Adewale Ayuba of Ikenne Remo, Ogun State, Federal Republic of Nigeria for his excellent performances as an artiste and presenter of Fuji genre of music.


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