Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean has been long rooted in the international arena of music. The Caribbean have produced drummers, flautist, vocalist, guitar players,saxophonist of superb excellence

When most Trinbagonians refer to Trinidad & Tobago and music, they generally reference kaiso and steel band.

Yes we have made marvellous and tremendous contributions to these genere of music, but we have also produced outstanding musicians in soo many generes.

Today we still continue to create new genres of music.

Wherever Africans were brought to  or wherever in the ‘ New World ” we arrived of our own will or otherwise, we transformed the musical arena.

One of the most dynamic genres of music that we spawned while here in the “New World ” is JAZZ, which is generally credited as being ” birthed ” in the African American communities.

Jazz can now be heard in communities all over the world and here in Republic Trinidad & Tobago, The Jazz Allaiance of Trinidad & Tobago is doing all in it’s power to present, preserve, nurture, nourish jazz music in our Republic and allow for it’s enjoyment by all.


Keep in touch for further details and updates


2 responses to “TRINIDAD & TOBAGO JAZZ WEEK 2014

  1. Let us celebrate this rich legacy during T&T
    Jazz Week 2014…so much to be proud of so much work still to do.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E K’abo! Welcome to our site Ruby. We do appreciate your visit here and your appreciation of the material shared. Here is a learning platform for both those who visit and those who host. Your comment is truly appreciated. May you be encouraged to come again many more times. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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