Inside Cover of Ifa Speaks - Osu 11 Odun 26

Inside Cover of Ifa Speaks, Odun 26



Another gregorian calendar has opened up to us.Here at EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE as we recognise the United Nations recognition of the contributions of African people to World Civilization. High Science and Culture , we hope to highlight our own achievements as a grass roots peoples’ organization, that have engaged social,spiritual and societal forces with love for our people and a commttment to get the job at hand done.

We have sometimes had support from civil society and civil society institutions, but in the most , our efforts have been self sustained and supported.

We continue to engage the forces of fascism, sexism and racism as we perpetuate the legacy of our Ancestors.

We shall continue to need your love and support as we pursue this responsibility.

In this year we hope to highlight the achievements of the past forty years of our engagement with a system that attempted to deny us the right to fully express our selves independent of reference to any body else. WE ARE AN AFRICAN PEOPLE!

Among our achievements was the ownership and publication of IFA SPEAKS.

IFA SPEAKS  was and continues to be the literary voice of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE. In the coming months we hope to highlight articles from the early IFA SPEAKS publication.

May you find it enlightening now as it was then.

Feel free to suggest better ways to serve you.


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