Continuing to keep our friendship

Calendar year 2014 and Ritual year 37 have emerged with overlaps.

Here we have battled with the issues of keeping all our projects alive and inviting to all of you our family and friends who have supported this effort at self expression as we continue on the journey towards total and unconditional liberation.

Our Nation has had it’s share of achievements, tragedies, disasters and yet as a GEOPOLITY we remain One Nation.

Politicians and parties have exploited the ethnic and race divisions and differences, and perhaps more than any other time in our Nation;s history, the component sectors of the society are splintered and divided.

The bitterness of past injustices have blunted the clear and pure vision that is necessary to take this country harmoniously forward.

The State and the society at large stills gives just symbolic recognition to the First Nations inhabitants of the land, and no Party have seriously considered and invited their input in a National Development Plan and  VISION.

Our narratives still appears to be those left us by the Planter Class.

Compromise has been the order of the day. Persons who were once looked up to as leaders and visionaries, now seem to be promoters of the colonial narratives.

As we engage Odun 37, and gregorian calendar year 2014, we pledge ourselves once again to remain on the path of love for our country and love for our fellow citizens of this beloved twinned island Republic.

We pray and work for mutual respect and harmony between all sectors. We will give credit to the good, and we shall criticise freely the ignoble and unjust situations and actions that we may encounter as we engage our task.

We pray that those we have trusted with the management of our political affairs and the disbursement of the Nation’s resources will address the imbalance that currently presides as what appears to be a race engineered distribution and creation of opportunity takes place in our land.

We have always advocated that the patrimony of this land belongs to all it’s citizens and children.

As we embrace this year together, may we succeed in returning Peace and sanity to our sacred land.

May you embrace my efforts to do good as I embrace yours.

May  the power, sanctity and compassion of the spirits of our Ancestors permit us to all UNITE, as we journey from where we are to where we ought to be.

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