Trinidad & Tobago has become known as the land of Sango/ Shango.

Ever since the encounter of Africans with the Caribbean, Africans through their diversified and different ethnicities/ Nations/ tribes began to impact upon the sociological, political, economic.and theological environments they encountered and helped to transform.

It was the strategem of the European colonisers to keep the enslaved Africans as mixed in ethnic composition as was possible to increase the probability and possibility of disunity.

In different islands and polities of the Caribbean and Antilles the form and manifestation of the Ancestral theologies varied according to the ethnic mix and other factors, including the race/ethnicity of the coloniser and the dominant religion of the colonising class/ or country.

Since the Black Power Revolution/ Uprising of 1970 in the Republic Trinidad & Tobago the face and manifestation of African/ Yoruba sacred science/practice/ tradition has changed to accomodate the increasing interaction of Africans from the Diaspora with those of the continent.

In 1971, a radical and revolutionary African sacred science organization emerged in the spiritual landscape of Republic Trinidad & Tobago. Persons involved in Pan Africanism and who participated in the Black Power Revolution, created a vehicle for the rembracing of traditional African secular and spiritual values.

The organization then formed a specialised unit to deal with the theological and spiritual issues that challenged the revolutionaries. This became EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE.

Out of Egbe Onisin Eledumare many ” new ” leaders of the African sacred science system emerged.

Many of these ‘ new”  leaders had through a project entitled  ” Sacred Journey to Ile – Ife” and Sacred Journey to Alkebu- lan visited the African continent and became initiated into Yoruba sacred science on the African continent.

Emerging out of the ” new ” leadership is Ita Oosa,located at 51 Alberto Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

Ita Oosa is jointly led by Ojise Obatala Edena  – Chief Ifagbenjo Oriyomi Orisagbemi and Olori Yemoo Iretiola .

In Trinidad 7 Tobago Orisa tradition every leap year is considered an Obatal year. The few Elders who were priviliged had feasts to Elefon.

For January, 2014, Ita Oosa will host it’s Annual Obatala Festival at it’s home ground 51 Alberto Street, Woodbrook, Republic Trinidad & Tobago Caribbean.

The celebration includes Ancestral rites and rituals of rememebrance of the Ancestors – those Native/ of the First Nations Peoples and those in the lineage of the principal hosts of the festival. All participants are also encouraged to make contact with their Ancestral linege through special rituals conducted on that day for the purpose.






  1. What time does the festival begin?


    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E K’abo Folasade. Welcome to this site. Thank you for your kind interest.
      The Obatal Festival begins at 2.00 p.m. Oloye Orawale Oranfe


  2. Ẹ nibẹ Obatala! jẹ nigbagbogbo dara lati gbọ awọn ohun rere eniyan sọ nipa awọn Orisa!
    Awọn funfun asọ ti Obatala! bo wa bi ńlá kan famọra, bi ọkan ebi Orisa!
    Ohun ti Orisa Ogiyan (Ajagunna) oluwa ti Ejigbo! bukun rere-tutu eniyan ni yi nla keta!
    Mi bowo si gbogbo ebi Obatala!


    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E K’abo Hernan Herrera! Alaafia! E ku Odun!
      Blessings ! Peace as you enter our space in the Name of Eledumare and in CELEBRATION OF ORISAN’LA.
      We are happy that you have found our site interesting and that you are pleased enough to leave blessings on the occasion of Obatala Festival 2014 in Ile Iere, Republic Trinidad & Tobago Caribbean. May you be encouraged to come several times again and to receive and share information on our blessed and sacred traditions. Ire ooo! Oloye Orawale Oranfe


  3. Homage to Oosa nla Oba takuntakun ti n gbode iranje,baba arugbo a gbe wa oo ..Ase !


    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E K’abo! Alaafia! We stop to greet Esu as we greet you at the threshold. We pour cool water upon our Earth, and we ask for cleansing and pure entry. We bless the Name of Eledumare and we remove all that is negative and destructive from our midst. We greet you in the Name of The Orisa of IMMACULATENESS, and we pray that as you enter you shall be enlightened and receive blessings. We elevate all blessings and goodwill that you have brought as you enter. We thank you for your visit and for your appreciation of our site. We thank you for your felicitations. May you always find good things here whenever you return. May you direct others to this site. Thank you! Oloye Orawale Oranfe


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