Like  other  cultures  our  culture  embraces  the need  for  recreation,joy,and happiness.

Our  approach embraces  communal and  collective  expressions  of these  need  while  providing  a showcase for  individual excellence  and acumen during  these  collective  expressions.

Dance is  a bridge between the manifest and  not yet manifest  worlds. Dance  evokes and  invokes  memories  from our  collective  consciousness and  goes  beyond the  moment of the immediate  consciousness to Cosmic  and universal consciousness.

As in a previous  comment this  month  I reiterate that culture is both  for the young  and the old.

In Trinidad & Tobago among our  cultural platforms  that allow  for  expression  of  our  sexuality  and  freedom of  expression is Carnival.

Many  have  sought  to degrade  the platform  and  have  defined  it  as  an arena of  vulgarity.

As we engage  African History Month  2017,let us  utilise our  authority  to define for ourselves  and from our perspective what things  are. As our old people say here: What is joy for children is death for crapaud.

At Egbe  Onisin Eledumare  we  shall be  celebrating Odun Ijesu ati Iwude Ogun  from Sat.18th.November,2017- Friday  24th. November, 2017