Egbe Onisin Eledumare have promoted SACRED  JOURNEY TO ALKEBU-LAN Here are some persons  who participated

Egbe Onisin Eledumare have promoted SACRED JOURNEY TO ALKEBU-LAN Here are some persons who participated

The celebration ofAfrican History Month  in Ile Ananani/Ile Iere/Trinidad  ati Ile Aloubera/Tobago – Republic Trinidad & Tobago have been growing both in significance and popularity over the past few years. This has been a cause for happiness here for us at Egbe Onisin Eledumare.

This year in particular persons have been  inquiring as to the origins of the  celebrations and this is an  attempt to add additional information  on the  issue of origins of this event here.

Like many events that were not immediately documented when they were coming into being, when the time to recall what actually took place, there may be several accounts,many being given from the bias and perspective of the informant.This may be one such account.It has  however in the African  tradition  not been the practice to limit the account  to only one version or account.So  there may be others with  additional information coming from other quarters who may wish to add their perspectives as to it’s origins. Very recently  Agba Aiyegoro Ome wrote on  Facebook giving his perspective where he credited the rise and influence of the Black Power movement and Chief Servant Makandal Daaga and NJAC in particular for being a major source of inspiring the manifestation of this event.

Here is another narrative.At a most recent conversation with Maureen Thompson – writer and publicist, who I know  to be  among those engaged in the formative stage of the celebrations, she recounted that she had returned from London in 1985 and was on her journey of self discovery of her self. Maureen recalls that Club L’Ouverture then celebrated Black History Week in October. She had some discussions both with  Club L’Ouverture and Iyalorisa Sangowumi -Janice Patricia McLeod where in her recall the suggestion of African History Month was raised. She further had discussions  with Asha Kambon, where she gained support and the month was launched. She further suggested that there was an  Evening News  article recording the launch of African History Month. In our  discussions she acknowledged that  she may have been unaware of all the parties and other interest  groups,organizations and individuals that may have  been taking similar and or parallel action at the time.

In other articles printed on this site we have named a few persons  who we know contributed to this materialization of what is known as African History Month.

In her recall Maureen, recounts the rationale for selecting November as the month of highlight for this  celebration. She recalls: ” We ( Asha Kambon and Maureen Thompson) reckoned that February the month in which African Americans  celebrated Black History Month would not be appropriate for Trinidad & Tobago.” Maureen then recalls that  the line of reasoning took into consideration Carnival events and activities and their checking of the calendars of activities in our islands suggested that November would be a most appropriate month.

After the grand launch of African History Month it event was the  carried in the main by organizations led by Iyalorisa Sangowumi -Janice Patricia McLeod and Oloye Orawale Oranfe also known then as Oludari.

Today many persons  join with Egbe Onisin Eledumare  by posting on Facebook  relevant  educational and  current material  on African  affairs and history.

Agba Aiyegoro Ome has  a radio  broadcast for the period.

It is indeed fulfilling to seethe celebration  gaining more respect and appreciation in our community.

The Administrators of this  site  join with Agba Aiyegoro Ome and the  current  Political Leader of NJAC Kwasi Mutewa in recognizing the role, influence and impact that the  1970 Black Power Uprising have had on the birthing of this celebration.We acknowledge all of our positive culture heroes and we demand of ourselves the strength and power to improve upon the present manifestation of this month of activities.